We’re back!

We are no longer displaced Texans. We’re back home!

We moved to Tyler’s area of Texas. We decided it was the best move for our family and Tyler’s furniture career.

Monday I started working at a law firm as a legal secretary and I really like it! It is the complete opposite of my last job and without going into any detail at all- that’s refreshing.

Tyler is still in Memphis finishing up a job and should be here within the next week.

Okay so I know what y’all really want to hear about is Reese. Well… he’s rolling over! We tried so hard to make him do it but he wasn’t having it. When we gave up, he became a rolling machine.

He is also laughing a lot! Not cute little baby laughs, but full on belly laughs. It cracks me up and makes my heart explode.

Unfortunately, none of this is on video because as soon as I turn it on, he just stares at the red light. Same thing with a camera. He’s no show pony people. He’s his own boss.

I have a youtube account just for Reese and am slowly trying to upload the oodles of videos I have. You can find them at youtube.com/RCopeJones (We don’t call him Cope- in case you were wondering).

Until… tomorrow? Next week? We’ll see.
Tyler, Erica, Reese and Maggie Mae


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