Loving Tyler First

I was just thinking, that if I was still newly married and child-less, I would really concentrate on cooking and try to be a good homemaker. Tyler is the one that always cooks, because (1) I’m pretty terrible at it (though if I tried, through trial and error, I just might make it), and (2) I am “busy” taking care of Reese.

But, I DO have a child. I have a toddler actually. And that means that every day my plan is to get off work, pick him up, go home, and entertain him until my husband gets home to cook us dinner. I don’t ever make plans for dinner… I don’t ever even look into recipes. Sure I have a hay-day “pinning” things, but I don’t actually follow through. Having a child to look after, my mindset is to just survive the night, and (in my way of thinking) that IN NO WAY makes cooking possible. So again, I just wait for Tyler to get home.

So I got to thinking just now, for the first time ever, maybe this is a way I can love my husband more than my child. Because he’s still supposed to be my #1 isn’t he? As a mother, it seems like giving 100% of my attention and energy to Reese is a MUST, or I would be “neglecting” him. Earth to Erica- this may not be true! In fact, by giving everything I have to Reese, I am neglecting my husband! And the effects of that will only trickle down to eventually possible effect Reese negatively.

I am still wondering in the back of my mind when exactly I’ll have “time” to do these things. But women used to work full time then go home and make dinner, clean, and watch the kids ALL ON THEIR OWN. It blows my mind how this was possible. I’m really going to try though!


2 responses to “Loving Tyler First

  1. I hear you. I constantly think about how i’m going to make it. Work, run, walk the dog, MAYBE do dinner if I feel like it (mostly it’s skip dinner b/c i’m just NOT doing it today and NEVER clean it up if I do), pass out. How am I going to be a mother in 6.5 months?!?! I can’t do it….

  2. This is so admirable! We go between eating too much takeout, eating simple dinners, and eating real dinners super late- dinner on Monday was at 11:00pm.

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