Reese’s 2nd Birthday Party

Reese’s birthday party was a hit. I put so much work into it and in the end it was surprisingly seamless and stress-free. We had a great time.

My parents and sisters came in from San Antonio, my old college room-mate Presley came in from Dallas, and another of Reese’s older cousins came in from Dallas. Along with that, many friends from Tatum that have welcomed us in, and they all have children that will be in Reese’s grade when the start school. So fun!

Caroline, Cannon, Addison


Gentry, Caroline, Mason

Brynn, Gentry, Mason

Aunt Jean and Nana (Tyler’s mom)

Cousin Lance

Aunt B!!!

We borrowed a pony from a friend down the road (that’s small town for you). Before the party, we had to wash it (see pic below). My niece Alie LOVED it. She barely participated in the party because she walked that pony all over the yard! I was really surprised that Reese finally got on it, though he never did get excited about it and remained pretty stoic. We have videos of my and my sister riding it (not together) and it’s hilarious.

Cousin Emily

I decided to have cupcakes instead of cake. It seems so much more practical and can be just as cute as cake… why don’t people always choose cupcakes? I co-worker of mine made them and they exceeded my expectations about how darlingly cute they were! I bought the animals at hobby lobby but the grass frosting was her idea! She made yellow cake, carrot cake, and red velvet. I had at least 11 cupcakes that weekend.

This on is my favorite… all the kids are already eating and Reese is still trying to decide which animal to choose!

My sister Andrea

Reese has a lot of people that love him and showered him with gifts. We are so grateful because now as a 2 yr-old, he has outgrown most of his toys (and clothes!) at home.

Breann and Brody

A lot of people had to leave early because there was another child’s party in town later that afternoon. Well, I forgot to do the pinata before they left, which would have been fun for them, and also was going to be a party favor (along with barnyard coloring books that I also forgot to give them). So there was just one friend left and cousins to do the pinata… which was fun enough!

My niece Katelynn

List last picture is Katelynn refusing to give up the bat, even holding so tightly that my sister Sarina lifted her up off the ground.

What is he doing here? Is he hot? Has he had too much fun?

Reese: Daddy and I love you and we’re glad you had a great time at your party. We would do anything for you! The past 2 years has gone by so fast, and though you already say you’re not a baby, you will ALWAYS be my baby. Daddy insists that it’s okay to let you grow up, because our job is not to keep you forever, but to prepare you to be a functioning citizen in society (lol) and a godly man. I am a little afraid of these next few years as your temper independence will start coming out more and more, but you are also the most fun you have ever been, and I am amazed at my heart’s capacity to love you more everyday.



2 responses to “Reese’s 2nd Birthday Party

  1. Unbelievable party! Unbelievable family! You guys are so sweet. What a fun party! I cannot believe the morning in your apartment you told us that you were expecting was nearly 3 years ago. Where does the time go?! How are we moms?

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